March 10th 2016

This year, I’ve joined three leagues. Including a 12-team h2h, 16-team h2h, and an auction draft 12-team roto league. Now I mainly prioritise my attention on the 12-team h2h since I’ve put the most money into this league and most of them are my friends. However, I’m not doing that well in this league, ranking 8th as of today. Thus, I’m going to vent my frustration here but at the same time, teach you a thing or two of what to do or not to do and also make it entertaining enough for you to read.

First, let’s look at the league format – a Yahoo! 12-team h2h with 8 playoff spots out of 12 (yes, technically I’m still making the cut) and 14 players on the roster (1 extra Util spot) with a snake draft. The extra roster spot makes it a little bit deeper than a normal 12-team league, so yes the roster is a bit deep.

My record so far is 80-80-2, barely staying alive in the playoff race. Now let’s look at my team as of today. Note: there are only 4 remaining players that I drafted. Everyone else were either traded for or picked up from the waiver.

  • Guards: Kyrie Irving, Victor Oladipo, Bradley Beal, Shelvin Mack
  • Wings: Kawhi Leonard, Jae Crowder, Wesley Matthews, Iman Shumpert
  • Bigs: Rudy Gobert, Gorgui Dieng, Kristaps Porzingis, Robin Lopez, Myles Turner, Jonas Valanciunas

Let’s first dive into the trades I did this season, starting with Kawhi. During mid-December, I traded my Damian Lillard (drafted 10th) andMarvin Williams for Kawhi and Joe Johnson (dropped him straight away). I was big on Williams, and when I say big, I meant I bought the whole bullshit of him losing 15 pounds to get in shape for his contract year. Also, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist was out, meaning Williams could play either the 3 or the 4, especially how the Hornets were playing 4 shooters with a big down low. In today’s NBA, Williams’ role is going to be worth a lot of money and he’s going to get himself paid (keep cashing ‘em cheques). However, bible, I abso-fricking-lutely did not see him sustaining his value for the entire rigorous NBA season. Basketball Monster ranked him at round 4!! If you asked me on the day the trade was made, I would’ve said I won the trade, but seeing Williams’ season and now Dame’s recent performances, I can’t help but feel that I lost the trade. Keep in mind it’s a 2 for Kawhi and a free agent.

Now the second trade that I did was also during December and it involved Uncle Drew. I drafted Jeff Teague in round 3, and I was big on him…to an extent. I definitely thought he was going to be better thanMike Conley this year but they’ve been equally bad. So I said adiois and paired him up with Ryan Anderson to trade for Kyrie and Matthews. Kyrie was still injured and I still had to stash him for a couple of weeks (I dived deeper with the stashes I did this year later on). And Matthews has been utter garbage for the first month of the season, he’s still not good now, only returning 9th round value for the year. But by looking at the upside alone that Kyrie has, I think I have a slight edge in this trade (screw Rotoworld and the word upside).

On January 3rd of 2016, I traded Jordan Clarkson for Dipo. This was a theft, not to a point where it’s vetoable though right? Let me explain. Dipo has been in Coach Skiles’ doghouse for 2 months and change. That’s roughly 30 games, nearly half the NBA season. I bought low, and he sold. I took advantage of the frustration of being a Dipo owner and I cashed in. The reason why I got slack for this trade was because Dipo came out of the doghouse on January 4th. Yes, that is one day later after the trade was made. Mind you, there were no news on Dipo’s resurgence and how he was coming back, but again the word upside was causing a stir and people believed he will bounce back (you were right).

Mid-January, yes it was a busy 2 months for me, I traded my Nicolas Batum for his Crowder. I loved Crowder and he just compliments Kawhi so well, thus I gave up the only and remaining source of assists in my team for him. I started punting assists and I thought it’s a fair trade, it’s good for my team and watching Crowder compete everyday on that Boston team is just really entertaining.

The players that I originally drafted were Gobert, Beal, Porzingod, and JV. Dieng I picked up from the waiver wire after someone became impatient with him (he’s been rock solid). Myles Turner was picked up after Ian Mahinimi suffered a lot of left leg injuries in that month of January and Coach Vogel gave him a chance and he took it. Mack was picked up because I was stupid enough to drop Bazemore when he had that horrible month of February, and Shumpert is just a streaming spot.

So after all these transactions, pick ups and drops, my team on paper actually isn’t that bad to a point where I’m barely making playoffs but because of the INJURIES that happened to my players, it a took a huge toll on my team. It first started with The Stifle Tower collapsing for 6 weeks, Jonas was out for 5 weeks, and frigging Beal (how did I not get the memo that he was injury prone?) out for day-to-day 5 weeks. After all these injuries that overlapped with one another during the period of November until January, I said screw it and piled on another injured player. Welcome Uncle Drew. I went from 2nd place in my league, dropping to 10th in a span of 2 months and here I am, slowly crawling my way back up hoping I can still make it. But there are a few things I learnt about fantasy this year that I wanted to share with you after this long rant.

  1. It’s a long ass season – stashing at the start of the season or maybe a month or two into it is a reasonable move if the upside is that irresistible. As long as you’re confident that it’ll pay off then you should go for it and not half ass it.
  2. Injury prone players are injury prone. It’s not a fluke (BroLo, why are you still healthy?). Remember at the start of the season where everyone was big on C.J. McCollum. Well I saw Beal as the second best thing when he was gone, and he was coming off an amazing playoff run. I bought it.
  3. But most importantly, be patient with your players at the start of the season. I picked up Dieng after a few weeks into the season, where an impatient owner dropped him since he was barely getting any minutes. Even if Rotoworld or other fantasy experts tell you to give up on him, just be patient and only do it if there’s a really good pick up that is worth dropping the potential of ‘what could’ve been’

I hope I shared a thing or two that would help you for your fantasy careers, and hopefully you’re comfortably in the playoffs and not biting tooth and nail like me. It’s frigging stressful to be at the border. Anyways, follow me on @BFantasyHoops for more updates, on player news, blogs, and just fantasy goodies. Until next time!