March 8th 2016

Welcome to my first ever blog! Now that you’re here, I want to tell you all about me and what I’m planning to do on this page. First, my name is Brian Fan and I’ve played fantasy basketball on Yahoo! since 2008. So you can call me an 8 year vet. Been in some highly competitive leagues, was a back-to-back winner in a 12 team h2h. Competed in leagues with some money involved as well as playing in roto, auction drafts, and all the different kinds of form of fantasy. And of course, I’ve had the occasional busts in some leagues. You can check out my player history here. I’m also a 22 year old guy, working right now full time. Been a Spurs fan since 1999, and still dreading the day that Duncan announces his retirement (it’s soon, I know).

As for this site, well I’m planning to do some posts about the weekly happenings in the world of fantasy basketball, or talk about how Stephen Curry made people who drafted Anthony Davis look silly. Occasional rants here and there as well, and I’ll drop by /r/fantasybball/ and see how the community is going.

Finally, you can follow my twitter here @BFantasyHoops. You can ask me any questions about your team, and I’ll be glad to help you out. Also I’ll be updating player’s status, studs ‘n’ duds and mainly going crazy about Hassan Whiteside’s triple double with blocks. For the last 5 weeks of the fantasy basketball season, I hope you’re all doing well and let’s get started!