Surprisingly, there were some interesting and entertaining games on a quiet four game night. Let’s start off with the Pelicans winning their first game this season. Leaving the Sixers as the only team that’s winless. Dwyane Wade was fired up for his game back in Miami. He received a warm welcome but along with some boos as well. The Warriors blew out the Nuggets and it wasn’t interesting. Lastly, the Lakers were down 19 points and came from behind to get the victory over the Kings. Seems like a rivalry are brewing up between the two teams. Let’s take a look at the studs and duds in fantasy from tonight. 

Stud of the Night: In a four game night, there’s less players to choose from but equally as hard. Tonight’s honours go to Stephen Curry again. He dropped a casual 33 points on 10-17 shooting and made all 6 of his freebies. He also hit 7 threes, handed out 7 assists and grabbed 5 rebounds along with a steal in less than 30 minutes in the blow out win against the Nuggets. He was so hot, he had a heat check shot from the logo near the half court. After a relatively slow start on Curry’s standards, he’s starting to heat up again and showing glimpses of last year’s best fantasy player. His ankle didn’t seem like a problem when owners were given a scare last night. He’s averaging 8 threes in his last three games so he probably won your threes this week single handedly.

Honourable Mentions

Anthony Davis – 32 points (12-25 FG, 8-8 FT), 8 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals and 4 blocks. The Brow got his first win of the season so congratulations to him. He’s doing everything he can for the Pelicans, reaching career highs in points, rebounds, steals and blocks. He’s also having a career high 32.9 percent in usage rate so hopefully the Pelicans won’t run him to the ground.

Jabari Parker – 33 points (13-26 FG, 4-4 FT), 9 rebounds, 3 triples, a steal and a block with no turnovers. Jabari’s been quietly having a solid year with the Bucks. All the hype went to the Greek Freak and he’s now having a top-50 campaign. His 3 point shot that he worked on in the offseason is paying dividends, averaging 1.0 per game for the season without losing much efficiency. He’s also hitting his freebies at an absurd rate, averaging 90.3 percent. I don’t see those free throws dropping in like that for the entire season but Jabari will still have a top-60 campaign this season.

Draymond Green – 13 points (4-7 FG, 2-2 FT), 9 rebounds, 5 assists, 3 triples and 3 steals with only 1 turnover. I’m pretty sure that everyone is shocked that Draymond is returning top-10 value right now in 9-cat. No one could’ve guessed since he was projected to be one of the losers along with Klay in Durant’s arrival. He’s playing the facilitator, rebounder, defensive stopper, blocking shots from the weak side. Basically he’s doing everything but the scoring, yet he’s still averaging over a three per game. He’s the bonafide definition of a triple one threat, averaging 1.2 threes, 2.2 steals and 1.6 blocks per game. What makes his value even more precious is that he’s controlled his turnovers to only 1.8 per game. Don’t sell high, he’s going to keep this up. The Warriors are thin and needs every bit of Draymond juice for them this season.

Dud of the Night: It probably sucks for owners who spent such a high pick on Nikola Jokic. The Jokic that we all saw towards the second half of last season disappeared. Partly because of the return of Jusuf Nurkic, since he was basically out for majority of the season last year. Jokic dropped 4 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assist and 1 steal 19 minutes. The Nurkic/Jokic combination isn’t working for Denver so inevitably, there’s going to be a winner and loser in this situation. Right now, it seems like its Jokic but he definitely has the higher upside between the two. Things may change though. For example, a trade that ships Wilson Chandler and Kenneth Faried opens space up. However, the primary reason for the low numbers is because Jokic is playing further away from the basket as a power forward. He’s getting less rebounds, less blocks from those possessions. Jokic’s value last season is from the center position but as long as Nurkic is in town, it’ll be hard for Jokic to escape from this.

Waiver Wire Gems:

Nick Young (34% owned) – 16 points (6-11 FG), 3 rebounds, 4 threes and a steal. At the start of the week, Nick Young was owned in 11% of the leagues. He’s gaining a lot of attention from his rejuvenated play, thanks to the multiple national televised games that the Lakers have. Swaggy P is averaging 17.4 points on 52.5 percent from the field along with 2.8 triples. He’s a one trick pony but he’s been hot since the season started. I’ve never seen Young play this consistent before and maybe being a veteran voice and a leader on the team helps mature Young a little bit.

Josh Richardson (31% owned) – 16 points (6-13 FG), 4 triples, 1 rebound and 1 block in 28 minutes. Since coming back from a torn MCL a week ago, Spolestra has slowly ramped up his minutes. This is the best he’s looked so far and was hitting crucial threes for the Heat to stay in the game against the Bulls. However, Dragic did sprain his ankle this game and only played 22 minutes so some minutes could’ve came from there. Keep an eye out on Dragic’s ankle but when he’s healthy, Richardson will find it difficult to get some run because of the solid play from Tyler Johnson.

Zaza Pachulia (17% owned) – 4 points, 4 rebounds and 4 steals in 14 minutes. I’m surprised to see the ownership that high. He’s barely returning top-170 value, which means he’s only an add if you’re in some super deep leagues. He’s a really cheap source of rebounds and an occasional steal. He won’t hurt your percentages and I guess that’s what makes him valuable to some teams. For the past 3 games, he’s only averaging 16.0 minutes in his last 5 games. Only if you’re desperate.

E’Twaun Moore (16% owned) -20 points (8-18 FG, 2-2 FT), 2 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 triples and a steal in 32 minutes. Moore is returning top-120 value right now as the starting shooting guard for the Pelicans. Honestly, owning anyone on the Pelicans not named Davis isn’t fun but Moore has quietly 13.8 points on 45.0 percent shooting along with a three per game in his last 5 games. The rise in minutes is likely due to Lance Stephenson’s injury and since the Pelicans haven’t really integrate Archie Goodwin into the fold, Moore’s minutes got a raise. I see those minutes dropping when Goodwin starts getting some minutes.

Talking Points:

  • Bradley Beal’s MRI came out clean but still remains to be questionable for their next game. Marcus Thornton is my guy to plug and play
  • Goran Dragic suffered a left ankle sprain and he couldn’t return to the game. If he misses any time, Tyler Johnson and Josh Richardson are the biggest beneficiary
  • Robin Lopez looked aggressive against the Heat and attempted 20 shots which ties a career high. He only managed to score 16 though but the aggression is a good sign.
  • Dwyane Wade looked too eager to win this game back in Miami and wanted to prove something. Well whatever he tried to prove, it didn’t really show because he forced quite a lot of shots. He’ll bounce back.
  • Mirotic got more run but that’s because he was hitting his shots tonight. Still looked pretty bad on defense though. He either gives too much space for the shooter or too slow to recover. McDermott is still the small ball four to close the game out though.
  • Kevin Durant broke his streak of 20 point games but I’m sure he’ll gladly give that up for the W.
  • I’m leaning more towards Michael Malone getting fired only because he doesn’t really know how to fully utilise his roster. And he likes to play Wilson Chandler and Kenneth Faried (who has no place in today’s game). That’s just my opinion.
  • Julius Randle looks really good and is starting to get into people’s head. Last game was Tyson Chandler. Today was Boogie. He’s being the bad boy on the team and suits him perfectly.
  • Timofey Mozgov played awesome defense and stayed big against Boogie in the second half. He even closed out the game which should be the first in his Lakers career.

That’s it for today’s FFF. Stay tuned for more and follow me on Twitter for more updates and keep shooting questions at me for your fantasy team!