The weekly edition of Adds and Drops is back! Now that it’s the weekend and you might want to look to your matchup next week already. You want more games to maximise your team’s stats. That’s why you head to the waiver wire. Got some major pick up’s this week due to some unfortunate injuries. But first let’s first take a look at the schedule for the upcoming week.

Games Played:
5 Games: GSW
3 Games: ATL, BKN, OKC, SAC, TOR
2 Games: LAC

So just a quick note, majority of the teams are playing four games with the Dubs playing five games for the upcoming week. Immediately, you’re thinking waiver options such as Zaza Pachulia and Andre Iguodala. I’m not going to mention them since they haven’t really been performing well. But they do have five games which is a rare occasion, so deep league streamers may want to take a look at them. You may also want to avoid the Clippers and the teams that are playing three games this week.


+ John Henson (36% owned) – Before you read this, just hurry up and grab him in your league if he’s still there. Somehow after one DNP-CD, Henson has earned consistent minutes, averaging 25.2 minutes per game in the last week. I recommended to drop him after that DNP but I’ve learnt my lesson and that is not to trust Jason Kidd with his rotations. He’s averaging 14.8 points, 7.8 boards and 3.0 blocks on 55.0 percent shooting and 83.3 percent from the line in the past week. He averages below 60 percent in the past three years so the free throws seems like a fluke. Everything else doesn’t though and Henson’s rest of the season outlook is really bright.

+ P.J. Tucker (11% owned) – Who knows when T.J. Warren is coming back. Tucker struggled with shooting at the start of the season but seems to have found his shooting stroke recently. He also got bumped to the starting line up now for three games straight and has been providing some solid production. He’s averaging 15.7 points, 6.0 boards, 2.0 threes, 0.7 steals per game in his last three games since he got promoted to the starting line up. He’s not much of a scorer actually but he’s able to provide you some threes and steals with a good amount of boards without hurting you in anything else. Two seasons ago, Tucker had seventh round value in 12-team leagues so if he finds his groove, he can definitely be a fantasy friendly player.

+ Troy Daniels (5%owned) – The Grizzlies are really short-handed right now with most of their starters on the shelf. With Chandler Parsons is projected to be  re-evaluated in a week, James Ennis going to miss more games and Vince Carter day-to-day, Troy Daniels has been given the “money green” light to shoot from range by David Fizdale. After dropping 19 points in back-to-back games, Daniels erupted for 31 points. He’s averaging 23.0 points with 4.3 threes per game in his last three games. He clearly has the hot hand and you if you want some points and threes, Daniels is a good add for the upcoming week for the Grizzlies.

+ Sam Dekker (5% owned) – I really like Dekker’s game. He’s able to shoot from range and is very athletic. He’s always at the right place at the right time as well. He fits in well with D’Antoni’s system and D’Antoni really likes the second year player. He’s able to play the wing positions and the small ball four and recently, he’s even gotten some meaningful minutes to close out games, especially the Rockets vs Warriors game. He’s averaging 12.7 points, 6.0 boards, 1.3 treys and 1.3 steals in 27.0 minutes in his last three games. He’s earned some trust and seems to be a solid rotation player for the Rockets. With Trevor Ariza dealing with back spasms, that might cause him to miss some games, which means Dekker might get some run more. Dekker only played three games last season, so basically this is his rookie year. He’s going to have some up’s and down’s but he does have upside. Four games for the Rockets this week and this is his chance to solidify his spot.

+ Cole Aldrich (1% owned) – Aldrich is only averaging 12 minutes per game but he’s per-minute production is monstrous. In a game where Gorgui Dieng had foul trouble, Thibs was forced to put Aldrich playing alongside KAT and it worked well to some extent. In that game, Aldrich had a double-double with 10 points, 12 boards, three blocks and two steals in 27 minutes. The day after that game, Thibs liked what he saw and gave 21 minutes to Aldrich even when the bigs weren’t in foul trouble. He finished with four points, eight rebounds, two blocks and two steals. His defensive stats contribution gives him a lot of upside and if he’s earned some consistent minutes near the 20’s, Aldrich is worth owning. For now, deep leagues might want to give him an add.


– Nikola Mirotic (74% owned) – Yes, I’m still a Mirotic owner and I don’t know why I’m still holding on to him. Probably because I have quite a lot of streaming spots already. Anyways, we all know how bad he is but this is an all time low. In his recent game with Dwyane Wade sitting out for rest, Mirotic started but he dropped an egg. I was excited because the last time he started, he had a double-double with 15 points and 15 rebounds. He’s averaging 2.7 points and 6.3 boards with no threes in his last three games. I think I’ll feel a lot better and happier after dropping him.

– J.R. Smith (71% owned) – It’s been a month and Smith hasn’t been shooting well for a month. We all know there are moments where he’s going to have hot stretches but it seems like that fire is totally extinguished. He’s averaging 30.8 percent for the season and that’s really bad. He’s never shot below 40 percent in his career and 30.8 percent for the entire month speaks volume. What makes things even worse is that he’s averaging 4.8 points, 1.5 triples, 1.2 steals on 23.3 percent shooting for the last two weeks. You can find similar threes and steals with better points and percentages than Smith in the wire. Even if you’re punting field goal percentage, it’s not enough to hold onto him. Heading into the season, I thought Smith would be flirting with three triples per game. That’s still doable but right now, he’s bad.

– Elfrid Payton (68% owned) – There’s probably a legit reason why both Scott Skiles and Frank Vogel would decide to bench Payton in the middle of the season. His inability to shoot from range is a liability to teams on the offensive end. Sure he might be Rondo-lite but he can’t find open players and create for them like Rondo can. In his last two games off the bench, Payton is averaging 26.3 minutes, 2.5 points, 2.0 boards and 4.5 assists. He’s doing nothing but a little bit of assists and steals and if that’s enough for you, feel free to keep him but he’s droppable if you lost your spot to D.J. Augustin.

– Kyle Korver (57% owned) – At the start of the week, Korver was dropped in my competitive league and I tried to use my waiver on him for some decent threes and solid percentages. Fortunately, my waiver wasn’t high enough and am I glad it didn’t go through. He’s been already bad this season but recently it’s been worse. His last two games against the Raptors and Pistons, Korver didn’t hit a single three. That might be the first time ever if not second that he didn’t have a three in back-to-back games. With Mike Budenholzer talking about line up changes, I’m assuming he means moving Korver to the bench and that’s going to hurt his value even more. In his last five games, he’s averaging 5.8 points, 0.8 threes on 30.3 percent shooting. You can do much better than that.

– Jamal Murray (41% owned) – After a hot stretch of games with three consecutive games with 20 or more points, the rookie fell back to earth and crashed really hard. In his latest performance, he even dropped an egg against the Jazz in 18 minutes of play. He’s averaging 5.0 points, 3.5 boards, 0.8 triples in 20.0 minutes per game in the last week. With Will Barton returning from an ankle injury, and veteran Jameer Nelson getting some love, Murray’s finding it hard to contribute. Until another injury happens in Denver (which is really likely), Murray should be on the wire.

That’s it for the weekly edition of Adds and Drops. Stay tuned for more and follow me on Twitter for more updates or to ask me any questions about your fantasy team!