Start of the new week with a quiet seven games. But there’s nothing quiet in Myles Turner and Nikola Jokic. The two second year players showed why there were so much hype surrounding them heading into the season. With performances like this, it justifies why you used an early round pick on him. The upside is unreal. Let’s take a look at the games tonight. 

Hornets 94 – Pacers 110

Games like this shows you that the league is in good hands with the up-and-coming future bigs. Turner finished the game with 22 points, seven boards, four triples and four blocks with no turnovers. All four of his threes were splashes that hit nothing but net. He had that supreme confidence after hitting his first one and even he hit a step back three to ice the game in the fourth. He’s good. Paul George added 22 points to follow up his 37 point performance in his last game. PG-13 is starting to roll again and those previous back problems don’t seem to bother him anymore. Monta Ellis is going to miss the next four games. Glen Robinson III started in his place and had three points, six boards, three blocks, a triple and a steal. The blocks seem like a fluke but he did play in 32 minutes tonight. He’s a good fit with the starting line up as he can stretch the floor and play defense. Monta should come off the bench when he returns to be the sixth man.

An off game for Kemba as he shot 4-16 from the field with 12 points, 5 assists and two steals. He’s cooled off pretty significantly since his hot start to the season and is only returning top-90 value in the past two week. I think Kemba’s a stud and sending a buy-low offer for him seems like a pretty good idea. Marvin Williams played 28 minutes and shot above 50 percent! Owners rejoice! There’s no way he’ll shoot 35.3 percent for the season right? The lowest he’s been was 42.3 percent in 2012-13 season. Marco Belinelli is actually playing really well off the bench for the Hornets this season. He’s a good points, threes and free throw streamer so if you’re lacking in those categories, he’s a good add.

Bucks 100 – Raptors 122

We got the efficient DeMar tonight and he scored 30 points on 11 attempts from the field, while being perfect on his 15 free throw attempts. His scoring has cooled off a little bit since that hot stretch of 30+ games but he’s still averaging 27.9 points for the season. Kyle Lowry finished with 18 points on 5-9 shooting and continues to shoot above 50 percent and that’s nine consecutive games for Lowry. He’s a stud and is returning first round value. Terrence Ross came off the bench for 25 points, five boards and four threes. He hit 10-17 from the field in 21 minutes. He’s hitting 50.0 percent from the field and has been really efficient this season with fewer minutes. Points, threes and an occasional steal is what you’re going to get though.

The Bucks got bombarded by threes in the second half and the game got blown out. That’s what happens when you don’t have the ability to hit threes consistently. Giannis finished the game with 30-8-5 and three steals. He played a lot of center tonight in some position-less basketball but he recorded no blocks. Bucks went small a lot with Giannis, Jabari Parker with Michael Beasley/Tony Snell/Mirza Teletovic in the front court so John Henson and Greg Monroe both played 15 minutes.

Wizards 101 – Heat 112

The Heat are getting healthier! They’re getting bodies back with James Johnson returning tonight. He finished with 14 points, five boards, three assists with no triple one stats. He’s still capable for stuffing the stat sheet so you might want to hurry up and grab him off the waivers. But tonight was the battle of the point guards. Goran Dragic got the better of Wall tonight and finished with 34-5-5 with two triples, shooting 14-23 from the field. He’s been on fire since his return from a strained elbow, returning top-50 value in the past two weeks. If you bought low, good job mate. Hassan Whiteside added 17 points and 16 boards with two blocks and that’s back-to-back solid games from him. His blocks took a dip this season and it’s hard to be both the offensive and defensive focal point in each and every possession.

John Wall led the Wizards with 30-6-8 and a triple one but got outplayed by Dragic. They lost this game but the Wizards are stringing a few good wins together now and is looking better than the start of the season. Thanks to the back court duo to Wall and Beal. Bradley Beal added 29 points tonight with four steals and two triples. He’s having a career year but I would want those minutes to go down before another of those stress fractures reoccur. He’s still returning top-50 value this season, thanks to his points and threes. Marcin Gortat’s hot start seems to be over. He finished with 10 boards and seven points. He’s averaging 6.5 points in the past four games and to Gortat’s standard, it’s not good enough. Ian Mahinmi doesn’t seem close to returning so the position is safe for Gortat. Sending a buy low offer for Gortat is not a bad idea but his free throws are a problem.

Nets 118 – Rockets 122

An entertaining game with some high scoring led by James Harden. He finished the game with 36-8-11 with four triples and two steals. I’m wondering whether D’Antoni likes his time with Nash or Harden more. Anyways, he’s a stud. Eric Gordon continues his strong play off the bench and is one of the candidate for sixth man of the year. He had 24 points and six threes with a few clutch buckets to ice the game. Fun fact: back when Gordon was with the Clippers, he was the leading scorer in the league for fourth quarter points. Ryno added 19 points and three triples. He’s been pretty inconsistent during his time with the Rockets, seeing a big hit on his usage rate. I won’t say he’s a buy low candidate.

The Nets had Jeremy Lin this game. His first game since November 2nd. He came off the bench for 10 points and seven assists with a triple one in 20 minutes. He was a +17 in his time on the floor, meanwhile his understudy, Isaiah Whitehead was a -23 in 24 minutes. Speaks volume of how the Nets need Lin to win some games. BroLo is officially not a center in my books anymore. You should be punting boards if you have Lopez on your team. He had 26 points and one frigging rebound. Trevor Booker is going to be the steal of the draft or the pickup of the year. Lock it in. He finished with 10 points, 13 boards and four steals.

Nuggets 92 – Mavericks 112

Surprising win for the Mavericks tonight. What’s going on? The two worst teams in the league in Sixers and Mavericks have won games these two nights. Wesley Matthews is ruining the Mavericks’ chances of getting the first overall pick. He hit 25 points, hitting all five of his threes. He’s been on fire the last two weeks, returning top-25 value. He’s averaging 21.9 points and 4.5 threes in that span. Rookie Dorian Finney-Smith had his career high with 13 points, nine boards, three treys, two steals and two blocks. What a stat line for the rookie. He’s the starting forward since Dirk is out and hasn’t been producing much but he has scored in double digits in the past three games. He does have some upside to his game with some potential triple one’s. Deep leagues should give him a look since the Mavericks are certainly tanking nowadays.

The Nuggets got blown out this game but the bright spot was Nikola Jokic. He finished the game with a monstrous 27 points, 11 boards and four assists, going 10-12 from the field in 26 minutes. Why didn’t Malone play him more?

Malone on Nikola Jokic: “I played him too many minutes, but just trying to find guys that will at least go out there and compete, play hard”

He played 26 minutes and it was too many? This guy needs to go. He was the only guy who played significant minutes with a positive +/- on his team. He’s been crazy off the bench and certainly living up to the hype that was surrounding him before the season started. He’s returning borderline first round value in the past two weeks. Patience is a virtue. Meanwhile Jusuf Nurkic dropped a dud with four points and six boards. He should just be moved to the bench and let Jokic play 30+ minutes. Rookie Jamal Murray found his touch again, scoring 15 points, while adding six boards and four assists.

Lakers 92 – Kings 116

The Kings blew this one wide open at the start of the second half when they went on a 38-8 run at one point in the second half. DeMarcus Cousins had 31-16-5 with three blocks, two steals and two treys. The turnovers are a problem though but that a stat line from Boogie. Rudy Gay played 14 minute and left the game with a hip flexor. The last time Gay suffered from the same injury, he missed 10 days so Omri Casspi is a good add for that span since he was already trending up. Casspi finished the game with 13 points, six boards with a steal and a triple in 30 minutes. That’s four consecutive games where he scored in double digits.

Luke Walton got ejected early in the game for standing up for Julius Randle. Unfortunately, that spark and motivation that Walton wanted to inject into his players didn’t turn out good. D’Angelo Russell looked good though as he scored 17 points on 6-10 shooting with three treys. He only played in 20 minutes and his minutes will slowly increase. Deng had another good game and that’s two solid performances in two days. He added 16-4-4 with two treys and two steals. Hopefully he can keep this going. Lou Williams seemingly cooled off as he only scored 14 points on 3-12 shooting. The hot stretch was just unsustainable but boy was it entertaining to watch him go off.

Blazers 120 – Clippers 121

This game had playoff intensity written all over it. The Blazers and Clips have bad blood amongst them and when there are technical fouls, scratches on faces and blood spilled, it’s a joy to watch. Blake returned from sore right knee and finished with 26-12-6. That’s a typical Blake stat line and you can’t complain about it. After breaking history with 20 point and 20 assists with no turnovers, Chris Paul added 21 points and 14 assists with three triples and two steals. Watching him going up against Dame was fun to watch as they went blow for blow against each other. DeAndre Jordan added 12 board, nine points, three steals and three blocks. These are the defensive stats that owners drafted him for. His block numbers took a hit this season and he hasn’t averaged below two blocks per game since 2012-13. He got ejected this game due to a scuffle he had with Evan Turner but it doesn’t seem like he’ll get suspended.

Blazers almost stole a game in the Staples Center as C.J. McCollum led the team once more in scoring with 25 points and two triples. He’s been scoring efficiently again, hitting 50 percent or more of his shots in the past five games. However the Blazers have now lost four games in a row so him and Dame needs a little bit more help. C.J. is returning top-20 value now and he’s a stud. Damian Lillard added 24-5-8 with four triples. Dame is still returning top-10 value in 9-cat but his field goal percentage took a bit hit. He hasn’t shot the ball above 50 percent in the past six games. However, he has controlled his turnovers, averaging below two in that span. Mason Plumlee continues to be a playmaking big but tonight, he added blocks. He finished with 18-7-6 with five blocks. His free throws are a problem but 4.4 assists from your center position is really valuable.

That’s it for tonight’s edition of the FFF. Stay tuned for more and follow me on Twitter for more updates or to ask me any questions about your fantasy team!