Trade Deadline Breakdown

The trade season is over! Lots of trades went through but I know we didn’t get the blockbuster trades that we all wanted so it’s a shame. However, there were still a number of trades that impacted the fantasy world. The deadline was today so let’s breakdown the trades that happened in the last two days starting with… Continue reading “Trade Deadline Breakdown”

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Trade: Jusuf Nurkic & Mason Plumlee Swap Teams

Remember when Kyle Korver got traded and it was supposed to create a domino effect for more trades? Well we finally got ourselves another trade. Let’s take a look at it first and we’ll break it down bit by bit.

Nuggets receives: Mason Plumlee and 2018 second-round pick

Trail Blazers receives: Jusuf Nurkic and 2017 first-round pick (Grizzlies’ pick)  Continue reading “Trade: Jusuf Nurkic & Mason Plumlee Swap Teams”

Kyle Korver to the Cavaliers

No FFF today but we do have our first Woj trade bomb for the season so I’m just here to talk a little bit about that and the fantasy implications from the trade. So Kyle Korver got shipped to the Cavaliers, while Mike Dunleavy and a 2019 protected first round pick goes the other way to Atlanta Hawks. Continue reading “Kyle Korver to the Cavaliers”

Week 3’s Adds and Drops

Apologies for a brief hiatus from the site. I’m back now and should have materials more frequently. It’s Sunday and you might want to get ready for next week’s matchup. You want more games to maximise your team’s stats. That’s why you head to the waiver wire. Adds and Drops is going to be a piece where I’ll have a list of free agents (under 20% owned) that can be recommended for you to pick up and some players on your team that can be cut loose. Let’s first take a look at the schedule for the upcoming week Continue reading “Week 3’s Adds and Drops”

10 Tips to Help Win your League!

One more day and the season is finally starting! For fantasy junkies like you and I, it’s probably going to be the only thing you’re going to talk about to your friends, girlfriends/boyfriends and family members. The fantasy season lasts for a little bit over 5 months but it goes by in a flash. Every single day matters and the slightest win could potentially help you win your league. Here’s a list of tips and tricks that you should keep in mind of during the season for you to win. Continue reading “10 Tips to Help Win your League!”

12 Team, 9-cat Draft Breakdown

This is one of the money leagues that I’m in this year and it’s quite an intense league. It’s been going on for nearly a decade now and bragging rights are very important because we’re all real life friends. The format is a head-to-head, snake draft held on Yahoo! and it’s with the default positions with one extra UTIL spot and an IL spot. Because of privacy issues, I’ll be using their first names only. Hopefully this will help you a bit if you still haven’t drafted. Continue reading “12 Team, 9-cat Draft Breakdown”

The NBA Offseason Outlook – South East Division

It’s going to be a busy offseason for a lot of NBA teams. They either want to strengthen their roster, rebuild their team, or try and stay relevant by keeping the core together. Let’s take a look at what some of these teams should do this summer.
Continue reading “The NBA Offseason Outlook – South East Division”

Are projected stat lines reliable in fantasy?

This year for fantasy, I’ve subscribed to Rotoworld’s season pass. Meaning I get exclusive content that normal readers don’t get unless they pay for it. What do you get in the exclusive stuff? Continue reading “Are projected stat lines reliable in fantasy?”

The Playoffs should change their format!

May 20th 2016

The title of the blog says it all. The Eastern Conference this year has just not been entertaining to watch in the playoffs. Yes, the Raptors had two game 7s and won both of them, they had multiple overtime games against the Heat. The Cavs broke the record for most 3s in a playoff game and drowned the Hawks. Plus there were many matchups in the East that were very competitive. But I still find myself more eager to watch teams on the opposite coast go head to head, whether that’s in the first round or in the Western Conference Finals.
Continue reading “The Playoffs should change their format!”

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